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Human Health & Hygiene

Human Health & Hygiene

New Safety Standards and Protocols.

Multi-channel employee hygiene communications.

Employee Readiness- COVID-19 training modules.

Overt employee personal protective equipment.

Enhanced employee health checks.

New Safety Standards & Protocols:


A tool prepared for the site managers on the new ways of working - meant for information and progress tracking. It is accessible by the site managers, who can upload the site status/information to the tool.
Site readiness certificate will be generated.

Five Key Focus Areas:

•  Site safety guidelines, including APAC golden safety rules.

•  Pre and Post Mobilization safety checklist. FSSAI Guideline on Covid19.

•  Signages and posters to support staff briefing & learning.

•  Training Pack- Remobilization presentation.

•  Planning and Tracking Progress by Microsoft Planner App.

New Safety Standards & Protocols:


Protocol Communication

Engagement Communication

Employee Readiness:


Comprehensive people plan to be built in partnership with operation leaders, culinary, safety and functional leadership teams.

Staff training, certification pre and post mobilization.

Staff Training

Prepare, clean, communicate, train associates on safety.

Staff Health Screening

Prepare, clean, communicate, train associates on safety.

Compass Offices

Ensuring hygiene, social distancing & temp monitoring. Follow 5S.


Shift A, Shift B without any contact. Alternate office working days.

Shift Wise Allocation

Ensuring compliance with local and central labour compliances.


Know illness management protocol, BCP, contingencies.

BCP & Crisis Management

Posters, Communication Plans.


Employee Readiness:


Key focus areas for our People teams as they secure the workplace for the new normal, having safe operations with successful adoption.

With limitations on interstate movement increase local hiring.

Local Hiring

Staff training and awareness, daily briefing pre and post site opening.

Staff Training

Optimizing Staff per shift per site, contactless delivery.


Pre & post opening communication to office and site staff.

Deployment Plans

Self declaration of health conditions to enable safe return to work.

Self Declaration

Daily temp. monitoring and contact tracing, reporting of illness.

Health Screening

Adapt scope and delivery of services to maintain physical distancing and minimize contact spread.

Social Distancing

Sanitizing & protective solutions, physical distancing, masks, safety protocols.

Safe Behaviors