Corporate Responsibility In Our Company

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Compass Group is a people business and we cultivate an environment of mutual respect, where everyone is highly motivated by their work.

The Board of Compass Group PLC is fully engaged in delivering a holistic approach to corporate responsibility and operates a Corporate Responsibility Committee to oversee the implementation of a global strategy and regularly review key performance indicators and targets.

Within our business the Leadership Team is responsible for corporate responsibility and ensures compliance with Compass Group's global corporate values and standards. They review environmental, ethical and social issues relevant to the business and report regularly to the Corporate Responsibility Committee.

All employees have a responsibility to abide by our policies and procedures which have been developed to guide colleagues and, therefore, monitor and regulate the conduct of the day-to-day operations of the business. These policies and procedures include our health, safety and environmental policy and are available to all employees. Everyone is encouraged to make suggestions to improve the way we work.

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