Pillar four: Environment


We are continuing to implement our ISO 14001 certification programmes across Compass Group globally.

As part of the largest food service and support services business in the world, Compass Group India recognises that it can, and does, have an environmental impact as a consequence of activities associated with its operations, products and services.

Our suppliers and contractors play a critical role in our approach to minimising, and wherever appropriate, improving environmental impacts associated with our business.

At the majority of our client operating locations we are not directly responsible for the procurement of utilities, equipment, fuel, etc. However, we will work closely with our clients to consider how best to improve the environmental performance of our operations and help them deliver their own environmental strategies.

Working with our clients we have been involved with a number of initiatives globally to:

  • Reduce the water and energy used in our principal office and production units
  • Reduce the CO2 emissions of our vehicle fleets
  • Reduce the waste packaging of our supply chain
  • Track, measure and reduce the volume of office waste (i.e. card, paper, plastic and metal)
  • Reduce food miles by increasing the use of seasonally available products sourced from the relevant domestic markets
  • Increase the volume of recycled used cooking oil
  • Increase the volume of biodegradable and compostable disposables
  • Increase the number of sites with ISO 14001 accreditation.

 At a global level we operate a web-based reporting tool to track and report on our environmental performance.