Our recipe for success begins with gaining extensive knowledge of our customers and clients, including an understanding of onsite values, behaviours and preferences. Our goal is to blend the onsite research and knowledge about the local area and demographics, with emerging consumer trends and culinary innovations, to deliver customized product and service solutions aligned with customer values.

Compass India offers its clients a winning portfolio. From exclusive company-owned brands to popular national, regional, and local partners, our brands deliver profitable solutions for any foodservice operation.

In addition to our exciting proprietary workplace brands and concepts detailed below, Compass India also partners with a variety of leading international and local brands to bring rotational variety and high street experience. Compass Group’s brand concepts offer complete station makeovers to complement and enhance our core food offers.

Choix Meals

Inspired by the French word ‘Choix’ which means choice, it is a brand born out of the desire to address the needs of the young and aspirational Indian workforce. Inspired by the philosophy of you are what you eat, the DIY concept of Choix Meals aims at offering an opportunity to co-create with infinite possibilities.

Two Good

This brand has brought together two things that are just meant to be together. Singularly they are good, but together they are “two good”. We match-made them in our kitchen, inspired by the philosophy of duality.

Responsible Biryani

In India, every 100 kms, the language changes a little, and every 200 kms, the biryani changes completely! We bring you a taste of all of these wonderful biryanis, with a new biryani featured every week. Otherwise, an indulgent and rich food, this concept is built on the approach of “stealth health” with healthy ingredients sneaked in without compromising on the authenticity of the biryani.


Turmeric symbolizes the power of the ordinary! The inherent and powerful goodness, healing, comfort that our simple ingredients have – nothing exotic, or from outside. Everything from the traditional kitchen cabinet.


Claybowl is based on ancient Indian (Vedic) cooking techniques and promises Indian food in a new way. Claybowl brings a reflexive equilibrium in Indian food. It is both emergent and residual, at the same time. The values driving Claybowl are nutrition, ancient Vedic wisdom, cooking techniques, lost ingredients, grains + traditional Indian digestive science. Built on research of ancient texts such as charaka samhita, kshemakutuhalam + others, Claybowl, we believe, bridges the chasm between ancient Vedic Indian food culture and modern food.


Darshani is an all-day South Indian tiffin concept with a workplace twist. The key pillars are: Authenticity, Infusion of healthy and ancient grains, Ingredients of local and regional relevance & Quintessential cooking techniques. For lunch it doubles up as a meal platter concept serving simple regional home style specialities.


The most celebrated Indian grill offering that serves a whole range of kebabs with a wide choice of vegetarian options, specially crafted breads, and sides. We will now introduce north Indian regional breakfast specialities to create a differentiated offering along with cooking techniques and styles.


Authentic all-day snacks with a predominantly North Indian menu, the name Pandey Ji connects instantly with the nature of food being served.

Global Kitchen

A theatrical station from which a variety of global cuisines will be served. The easiest access and connect with Western world -millennial work force.

Positioning – Tasty yet RESPONSIBLE with an occasional FUSION play!

Pan Pacific

This is our way of bringing in DIY in oriental food. The concept allows you customization in all elements, including rice / noodles, veggies, proteins and sauces to create your own Buddha Bowl right in front of your eyes


The brand is inspired by the local Marathi cuisine, the simple day-today recipes that are otherwise losing the originality in the mix of contemporary food. This is reviving the traditional local charm.


Compass India’s premium coffee brand with 100% Indian washed Arabica beans, a blend of high elevation Arabica beans and MNEB ( Mysore nuggets extra bold).


Compass India’s own authentic South Indian Filter Coffee brand designed for the workplace. The Kaapi blend is a perfect blend of coffee and chicory, with pleasant aroma that awakens the senses and is bold enough to not disappear in the milk.

Fruit It Up

A classic cut fruit and juice counter. Menu offerings include popular & healthy choices, seasonal fruits – fruit and vegetable juices

No Nonsense Tea

We do not get hung up over fancy tea names. We know all you want is the right tea at the workplace. Simple and Honest Workplace Chai with bold flavours – masala, adrak, elaichi. Workplace Functionality is the key driver.

From Monday morning blues to a post-lunch slump, to sudden evening meetings – we are all chai, no nonsense.