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Guiding you safely back to enjoying food at work

Getting your people back to office safely is a big concern right now.
And once they are there giving them a safe source of nutrition that saves them from the risk of stepping out to eat. We know that the first priority for consumers considering eating outside home is cleanliness (great taste still ranks highly at no.2!).

The experience of the pandemic has made consumers around
the world understandably cautious.

With the world changing around us, workplace dynamics and consumer experiences are evolving & so is workplace food.

It’s time to…

Reimagine. Innovate. Redesign

Reimagine food safety for a safer workplace

Innovate ways to cater to the changing wellness needs

workplace food


A mark of reassurance that enables people to feel safe eating at work.

With our comprehensive procedures, visible signals of reassurance and
focus on the wellbeing of staff and guests we will help clients make eating
at work a safe and enjoyable experience.

Pillars that support
a post COVID-19 workspace