Food Services


We’re all about great food and are passionate about delivering great service.

Indian Food DishIn India we are here to provide a choice of high quality  and well balanced foods to meet the nutritional needs of our consumers.

  • Refreshing tired minds and refueling the productivity of people at work;
  • Helping boost the concentration of minds at learning institutions;
  • Meeting dietary needs to help aid recover in hospital; or
  • Providing a taste of home when you are miles away.

Wherever we are feeding people, their demand for quality, choice and value are equally as discerning as you would find on the high street. Our consumer focus is driving the development and innovation in the variety of foods that we offer, our partnering brands and our service levels in order to attract our consumers to our established cafeterias and food outlets each day, every day.

We provide everything from sophisticated dining experiences, nutritional cafeterias and catering setups, to grab and go food outlets.

Our wide range of foodservice solutions is designed to cater for any format and size of location.

Indian Food DishWe may serve around 85,000 meals a day but we still continously strive to meet individual tastes. This is through recipes and menus that our award winning chefs create and sourcing the best ingredients directly to suit our specifications. This is then combined with the skills of our service teams to deliver that well balanced lunch plate, that sandwich, that cup of coffee or on that plate of chat.

More and more organisations are choosing to outsource their foodservice to us. They know that by doing so they can fully focus on running their operations.

While we take care of:

  • Improving quality and potentially reducing costs
  • Meeting the highest health, safety and environmental standards
  • Taking advantage of our market leading innovation and best practices from around the world
  • Access to the latest food concepts and leading brands.