Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We self perform the majority of our services, giving greater workforce accountability, flexibility and control - and raising performance.

Whatever your needs

In India we offer a comprehensive suite of services integrated or standalone which transgresses the entire life cycle of a building.

Our customers consequently get a unique ‘single window’ solution for most of the services they need from us which is backed by proven experience and demonstrated track record.

Many of our clients understand and appreciate the economies of scale and greater efficiency that can be achieved by placing more than one service with a trusted supplier. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of support services that we can perform on your behalf.

  • Cleaning Services
  • Office Services
  • Security Services
  • Outdoor Services
  • Building & Maintenance Services
  • Repair and Engineering Services
  • Specialised Services
  • Project Management

We achieve this by implementing standardised processes through our world-leading operating platform, the Compass Service Framework, which drives consistency and continuity across our different clients and multi-site contracts.

Industry experts providing assurance and advice

Reduce your exposure to risk by letting our professional team deliver our services. All our procedures and operating methods follow our established culture of health and safety first to ensure that we comply with all legal and statutory requirements.

Consistent delivery of high standards

Our support services capabilities have been built through the development of our operating platform: the Compass Service Framework (CSF). Unique to the market, this framework enables our team to operate to strict specifications and provide a consistent level of service. Not only does this model benefit from our global experience and input, but it can also be tailored to your specific needs to offer a bespoke solution for every client.

One point of contact - less hassle for you

By providing you with a fully-integrated or multi-service contract, we can be your one point of contact to ensure the smooth running of your business. We have highly-skilled managers with the appropriate experience and expertise to lead our teams. This enables us to self perform the majority of our support services. Where we sub-contract specialist services, we manage the relationship closely and effectively.

Cost efficiencies and real value for money

We bring you the benefits of economies of scale through leveraging Compass Group PLC's global purchasing strength. By offering a number of different flexible contract routes, we look to develop a long-term partnership with mutual investment in your business. A very important part of realising value for money is our investment in our relationship with you and your team.

Shared best practice and innovation

With our local and international knowledge and experience, we are able to share best practice, new initiatives and innovations with speed to market. Compass Group PLC hold various global forums to share and demonstrate our best practice in our leading-edge innovation centre. Through our participation in these forums, our teams gain recognition for their great new ideas.

Supporting your 'green' agenda

Through our five pillars of Corporate Responsibility, we can help you reach goals such as reducing your CO2 emissions and increasing your recycling. Both your front-line team and customers will be more willing to support and promote your business in the knowledge that your organisation is working to reduce its impact on the environment.

Enhancing your customers' experience

We recognise the importance of creating good impressions for your customers - from the initial greeting at reception to the outdoor maintenance of the premises. Our training programme for our front-line team focuses on the hospitality strength that we have developed from our food service heritage. We believe in investing in our people to offer our clients the very best service expertise.