Frequently Asked Questions

I'd never heard about Compass Group until recently. Has the company been in the foodservice industry for a long time?

The history of Compass Group in the UK dates back to 1941, when Jack Bateman founded factory canteens to feed British workers supporting the war effort. In 1967, the company was acquired by Grand Metropolitan and the catering business became Compass Services in 1984. Following a management buyout of Grand Metropolitan's contract services division in 1987, Compass Group was formed. Compass Group floated on the Stock Exchange a year later. In 1998, the Group became a FTSE 100 company.

Over the years Compass Group India has acquired

  • Vipul Facility Management Private Limited (VFM), New Delhi a national player in the facilities management industry
  • Ultimate Hospitality Services Private Limited Hyderabad a strong regional food services business
  • Epicurean a national facilities management player
  • Tirumala Hospitality Services a regional food services player

What is Compass' s organisational structure?

Compass Group’s business is organised into two main sectors:

  • Food Services
  • Support Services (inc Facilities Management)

Our operating brands in these sectors are:

  • Eurest & Eurest Services (Workplace)
  • Chartwells (Education)
  • Medirest (Healthcare)
  • ESS (Offshore and Remote)


How do Compass Group's food offers differ from their competitors?

Compass Group provides the widest portfolio of foodservice solutions in the world. We offer a range of our own developed food offers as well as a range of high street brands such as Costa Coffee. Our talented executive chefs can create a range of bespoke solutions or you can choose from our Core Concepts food programme, offering you a range of our own concepts. This programme differs from those of our competitors in that it has been carefully developed to meet customer's needs.

We survey over 30,000 customers globally every year to understand how we can deliver the best solutions to fit the latest culinary trends in the industry.

Using innovative products, systems and technology, we ensure that you receive the very best food offers in the market.

I have always known Compass Group as caterers, but I've heard that the company offers other services as well. What services are these?

It is fair to say that in some sectors, Compass Group is better known for catering services. However, facilities management - or support services as it is also known - is a key part of our offer. Increasingly, our clients are relying on us for a  range of outsourced support services from professional reception staff to night-time office cleaning. We can offer a full range of hard and soft services including the following:

  • Office services that keep your business connected
  • Outdoor services to enhance the surroundings of your business
  • Security solutions that deliver confidence and protection
  • Cleaning to ensure a hygienic, healthy and safe environment
  • Maintenance programmes that deliver solutions before problems occur
  • Project management capabilities delivering on time, on budget and on target.

We self perform the majority of these services. This provides us with greater workforce capability, control and accountability to enhance the smooth running of your business.

What is Compass Group's policy on healthy eating?

We know we have an enormous influence on what our customers choose to eat and drink. Health, good nutrition and encouraging a balanced approach to eating are at the heart of our business and our policies reflect this approach. Balanced Choices, our healthy eating programme, offers products and dishes that fit into a more health conscious lifestyle. It also offers more point-of-sale awareness that helps customers choose healthier options.

What are Compass Group's views on ethical trading?

Compass Group Ireland is committed to ensuring that all of our dealings with suppliers - from the point of search and selection, through to supply and payment - are conducted in accordance with our guiding principles of responsible and ethical trading. These criteria are:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labour shall not be used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practised
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Our ethical good practice is promoted by positive selection of suppliers demonstrating the points noted above, and by the encouragement of best practice amongst all suppliers. We expect our suppliers to adopt a similar position with their supply base and to implement similar internal policies to those in Compass Group Ireland.

How does Compass Group train its employees to deliver such high levels of service?

Investing in our people is essential for employee motivation, productivity - and, of course, client satisfaction. The Global Learning & Development team plays a vital role in giving our people enhanced skills and knowledge through development in the classroom and work-based learning. The Global Team deals with hundreds of training requests from the business each year. There is a suite of development courses to choose from, that are delivered by a Learning & Development Manager.

Good hygiene is essential in any catering environment. How does Compass maintain high hygiene levels?

Health and safety is our number one operational priority and all staff are trained to the highest levels of hygiene. Diverseylever has been supplying Compass sites with cleaning chemicals and provide effective, innovative hygiene products at good prices. Using the right cleaning chemicals for the right job is important. For example, if we are in a hard water area, we use the right products to ensure we get better cleaning results in a shorter time. The correct chemicals used in dishwashers can make them last longer and prevent engineering repairs.

I have heard that Compass Group manages its business based on a MAP framework, what is this?

 Managing & Performance (MAP) is a global performance framework with five key drivers:

  1. Client Sales & Marketing
  2. Consumer Sales & Marketing
  3. Cost of Food
  4. Unit Costs
  5. Above Unit Costs