About Us

About Us

In India we are trusted to deliver more than just great foodservice. Increasingly organisations rely on us to provide a range of support services (including facilities management) such as cleaning, reception services and building maintenance.

No-one understands food at work quite like we do. Whether it is in offices, factories or any other work environment.

Providing a choice of quality, nutritious and well-balanced food for employees through the working day is an essential part of their motivation and productivity. Our wide range of food services is designed to cater for any format and size of location.

We offer a variety of food across a range of formats, be it established cafeterias, sophisticated dining experiences, to quick fix, grab and go outlets.

Our well recognized customer first 'hospitality mindset' is blended with the 'industrial efficiency' necessary to manage and deliver multiple services to the highest standards and the best value.

We are the trusted name for delivering an extensive range of services for clients who recognise that by outsourcing to us they can:

  • Achieve the highest quality service to support their business;
  • Meet the highest standards of health and safety and environmental practices;
  • Reduce costs through simplifying and rationalising their existing suppliers;
  • Achieve greater efficiency and consistency through standardisation; and
  • Focus on their core businesses.