Eat Learn Live

Eat Learn Live

Our educational business is dedicated to nurturing a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle, which contributes to a sustainable world. It’s our overall holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of students.

This overall commitment we call Eat, Learn, Live.


Our commitment to providing healthier meal options and great tasting food. What students eat determines how they develop. Our team of passionate chefs and qualified dieticians work closely with school administrations, teachers and parents to create menus that are tasty, fun and nutritious.


Our commitment to programmes and activities that help educate students on diet and lifestyle, help them choose wisely and ‘put fun into food’. Beyond school and college doors students will be bombarded with choice. Arming them with knowledge will give them the power to make good decisions and lead a healthy life. Chef demonstrations, kitchen tours, product sampling and instructional material are examples of tools we use to reach students.


Our commitment to a safe and sustainable environment. As we live we affect life. The actions of individuals build relationships that weave the fabric of a community. We are reaching beyond the kitchen and dining environment to support humanitarian causes and responsible environmental stewardship.