About Us

About Us

As part of a global company ESS provides food and support services to major companies operating in the oil and gas, mining and construction industries.

Our services support every aspect of daily community life in the large-scale accommodation centres at remote locations, offshore installations and defence sites which are 'home' to thousands of workers - 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Forth plus years of experience in this sector assures you of the technical and operational experience in the design, construct and operating phase of any project. This experience and proven competence, our commitment to health and safety and ability to effectively mobilise at any time and very short notice, have earned us an enviable reputation for providing fully integrated food and support services for global clients with workers around the world.

In the remote site and offshore sectors we provide vital workplace support for people in some of the most demanding environments in the world. The services we provide support every aspect of daily community life in large-scale accommodation centres, or 'villages'. These are 'home' to workers for whom a hot nutritious meal, a clean bed, freshly laundered workwear and quality recreation are essential comforts.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of workers globally rely on us to meet these needs.

What makes us the first choice for clients? It is more than:just the scope of our services and global reach in more than 20 countries;

  • simply being able to focus on their core business without being distracted by ours;
  • being able to rely on our proven technical and logistical competence;
  • our absolute commitment to putting health and safety first in everything we do; and
  • the ability to effectively mobilise contracts, making the complex seem simple.

It's all the above, plus the knowledge that wherever your people are in the world, no-one goes further to take care of them than we do.

Having world-class processes and practices is one thing. However, it is the commitment to innovation and the skills and dedication of our people to deliver to the highest level every day that we believe makes the real difference.

For the increasing number of clients looking for a single service provider to maximise efficiency, we are able to provide a 'total solution' with:

  • a single point of contact;
  • single accountability;
  • a single contracting relationship; and
  • one consistent high service standard