Developing Our People

group of apprentices

Through investing in our people's skills and development, we are a leader in innovation, employee satisfaction and productivity.

Our organisation touches thousands of people across the country. Our people are present across

schools, colleges, hospitals, corporates, manufacturing units and offshore sites around the world in providing them with  world-class food and support services

The fact that we are the spearhead most of these markets is a result of the talent, skills and dedication of our employees,

chopping vegatablesIn line with our 3 Goals – Great People, Great Service, Great results, we believe that

our people are our core strength.

We invest in our people in order to unleash their true potential and enable them to deliver Great Service which in turn deliver Great Results.

Our HR team ensures that resourcing, skills development and qualifications are all undertaken as smoothly and professionally as possible. It's our people that carry out many important work activities. Our HR professionals have the important job of organizing people so that they can effectively perform these activities.

We have specialist teams that are available to ensure we have the right people for the right position in the right contract. Supporting our HR resources is our expanding HR support centre which can offer expert advice, answer any queries and put minds at ease on a daily basis. Our HR support line means that advice is only a phone call away.

Training plays an important role in the development of our people. We provide training / learning at every level – whether front-line or manager. We believe our people need to develop and grow with us.

We are particularly committed to supporting employees who join us with limited or no formal educational qualifications.                                                  

Some of the programs offered by the group are:

One Compass Welcome

From cleaners and security personnel, to chefs and senior management, every new employee samples a true taste of the company before they even walk through the doors on their first day, with our award-winning induction programme, One Compass Welcome. Our learning module offers an introduction to the company, ensuring that each new member of the team understands our vision and values and grasps essential health and safety information.

Induction Program

We know how daunting the first day at a new job can be and to what extent a smooth and positive start to a new role can influence the rest of a career with a company. Our two-day induction for all unit managers is testimony to our commitment to giving everyone a great start.

Emerging Leaders Program

We are keen to identify the leaders of the future from within Compass. The INSights Management Program/Emerging Leaders Program brings together ambitious and talented people from Compass around the world. The series of programs offers selected employees a true insight into senior leadership and development on a professional and personal level, shaping the leaders of the future.

Compass Group has the commitment; willingness and ability to ensure our employees at the level develop and grow