Our People Map

Business people smiling

Our People Map provides an umbrella for the way in which we support our people in India, focusing on five key areas of people management.



Few employers can offer its people the same level of diversity as we do.We want to attract the very best internal and external talent at all levels by showing how exciting and varied working  for us can be. We recruit the right people, in the right way, and aim to reflect the wide range of sectors in which we work.



We know that our people are the best, so we aim to retain our employees by having the right rewards, benefits and work environment to encourage people to stay and grow with the company. We provide a safe and hygienic workplace, with HR policies and procedures that meet the highest governance standards.

 Developing Staff  


When people join us, we want them to continue to grow personally and professionally. We want to keep improving every employee's diversity of skills, knowledge and abilities to ensure that they are capable of delivering fantastic service and great results. Through each of our development and talent management programmes, we ensure business continuity and smooth succession.

 People Map 5  


We aim to ensure that all of our people share the same consistent vision, values and guiding principles. We continue to achieve enviable levels of employee engagement through encouraging open communication, developing employee relationships and by rewarding each individual's outstanding performance.



We strive for lean and efficient organisational structures and a workplace environment that continually improves the performance of our people and our business.