We believe a diverse and inclusive environment supports innovation and collaboration, and benefits our employees, associates, clients, and customers.

Compass Group is committed to promoting an inclusive environment that appreciates the fact that all employees are different, and each brings something unique to the table. Our overall goal is to ensure that everyone feels empowered to not only make a difference, but to be the Difference.

Our people’s unique backgrounds, experiences, and abilities are at the heart of our vibrant workforce. We come together to create workplaces that reflect the diverse communities we serve, where everyone feels empowered and valued.

We celebrate our individuality; we appreciate everyone’s contribution and we respect and support each other. Building diverse teams means creating inclusive environments for our colleagues. As a team, we work together to create a culture where different groups or individuals having different backgrounds are culturally and socially accepted and welcomed, and equally treated…. because at Compass, everyone is together–and as a community we succeed.


Empowering our people to be the difference

Our D&I vision at Compass Group, is to create a culture where all associates feel appreciated and in turn ignite the change to create a better tomorrow for all employees, associates, customers, clients and beyond.


Harnessing the power of diversity through showcasing the power of inclusion

Our D&I Mission at Compass Group is to demonstrate that true innovation and collaboration occurs when we build a culture that values unique talents, backgrounds, and experiences.


We accomplish our mission through three key principles

Our People

The way we express diversity and inclusion.

Our Culture

The way we cultivate inclusive environments.

Our Community

The way we leverage inclusion for broader impact.