Made for you-HoReCa

With constant changes and challenges in the business environment, there are many cost and non-cost challenges that each business has to address. At Compass Group India, we have been looking at ways to offer differentiated business solutions to our clients in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector that can help them overcome the concerns and at the same time, lay down the scaffolding to generate cost and operational efficiencies in their business.

We propose partnering with our clients in their backend food production management, by taking over the need for kitchen management, licensing, equipment, inventory, and manpower. Our engagement models are as below:

Option 1: Prepared Meals

Provide all day ready-to-eat prepared meals, freeing you from the need to run your own kitchen, thus, doing away with the unnecessary effort, bringing consistency to the menu, optimizing space utility, and saving cost.

Option 2: Intermediate Offerings

Provide intermediate offerings in the form of base gravy, batters, premixes, marinated meats, fillings and such, enabling you to save time, add convenience, reduce cost, and effort, yet giving you the choice to incorporate your signature touch into the cuisine too.