We strive to provide healthy, balanced meals right through the learning journey, from nursery, through to higher education.  Chartwells, with its focus on the education sector, is always at the forefront of cutting-edge research, understanding of student needs, and is a trailblazer in innovation. Guiding all that we do is a strong belief that healthy and nutritious food is paramount to the development of young people.

 For students, our nutritional meal planning aims to educate them in how to lead a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle while contributing to a sustainable world. We want to help young people make the connection between their diet and the way they feel and perform – we strive to show them that through healthy nutritious food they can feel great and achieve more. Our guiding principles – EAT, LEARN, LIVE – capture this ambition and direct our initiatives.

Working alongside students, parents, nutritionists, principals, teachers, and other stakeholders, we reimagined and redesigned the Food@School to positively impact a child’s overall wellbeing. From student-centric spaces designed to encourage social eating, to new technology platforms, we have developed customised experiences in alignment with the larger k12 school objectives.

Our commitment to nourishing students doesn’t stop at the kitchen; we go above and beyond to cultivate a positive relationship between students and nutritious food. Our endeavour is to continue to innovate and design bespoke food solutions to nourish and aid transition to better food habits and choices

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