Food experience powered by Technology

With technology becoming an integral part of day-to-day life, hyper engagement with technology and social media is a given. As a result, the face of food experience at the workplace is also rapidly changing. From serving a limited menu to amplifying food choices with curated menu options, the corporate cafeteria has undergone a major transformation. Powering this transformation is Compass India’s disruptive technology platforms with intuitive experience and real-time data, offering a seamless cafe experience.

To further strengthen the digital footprint, Compass has acquired Bottle Lab Technologies (SmartQ) a leader in digital solutions who delivers best-in-class technology solutions through thought leadership and great delivery. The acquisition enables Compass India, to develop and deploy disruptive, digitally enabled solutions driving superb employee workplace experience.

Compass India utilises SmartQ’s technology platform for enabling food ordering at the workplace, self-ordering kiosks, cashier-less cafeteria, POS solutions, and cloud-controlled Intelligent Menu Display System, to transform the way people interact with on-site restaurants, enabling employees to discover scores of menu items, pay through preferred payment channels, get a world class digitally enabled service delivery, and an intuitive platform to express their workplace food experience.

Compass follows a “Safety-First” culture for its Customers as well as for its employees. While sailing through the pandemic, Compass understood that its Customers are looking for a ’return to work‘ strategy. SmartQ quickly understood the latent requirement and delivered yet another simple ‘Click and Collect’ solution to facilitate social distancing norms and eliminate cafeteria queues. SmartQ also brought in a brand-new functionality – Café Pass to enable cafeteria management teams to control cafeteria footfall, especially at peak hours. SmartQ’s technology solutions have already been deployed and will continue to be rolled out in other Compass countries including US (Bon Appetit), UK, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain {Check with SmartQ on the latest list}