We believe food enriches the lives and the health of people and guests, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Nutrition, health and happiness is at the heart of our value proposition.

What starts with improving nutrition, goes on to to impact health, happiness and productivity. Specially crafted concepts around the key action platforms namely Nutrition, Stealth Health and Healthy Lifestyle are at the core of our strategy. As a part of Stealth Health, we introduce healthy alternatives in the usual food, keeping the taste intact.

Environmental Game Changers

Targeted actions where we can make a disproportionate impact.
As the food service leader, we target key areas where we can create a significant, meaningful and positive impact on the food system and the environment, while also benefitting our clients and guests. Actions platforms at the core of this strategy are:
1) Food waste – Create a radical waste reduction movement by raising awareness of the massive food waste issue and providing strategies and technology solutions to reduce it.
2) Single-use plastic – Collaborate with our suppliers to drive breakthrough solutions in materials and recovery models that significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics.
3) Plant-forward meals – Respond to consumer demand for plant-based choices and meat alternatives and improve the wellbeing of the people and planet.

Better for the World

Leverage our scale and purchasing power to create positive impact along the food supply chain.
As a big player, we can have far reaching influence on how the food is produced and the effects it has on the world. The action platforms for this strategy are:
1) Sourcing responsibly – Work with our suppliers, manufacturers and logistics providers to ensure respect and care for people, animals and planet through the supply chain.
2) We Care – Compass India has introduced the We Care Scheme – an embodiment of a promise to be there for our frontline colleagues come rain or sunshine! Funded by voluntary contributions of our employees & equally matched by the organization, the scheme covers all major life events – life insurance payouts, medical contingencies, bereavements, educations scholarships, marriage of self/daughter/sister or help during natural calamities.
3) Accommodation Project – We defined & rolled out standard accommodation guidelines across all our 100+ accommodations. This provides the employees with access clean, hygienic place to live with dignity, a community living experience which is a home away from home. The basics amenities include personal space, beds & mattresses, fans, personal lockable storage spaces, safety kits, clean drinking water etc. This is governed by defined house rules and is self-managed by the resident employees, unit leader and city admin teams.