Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most people are working from home. But people who work in essential services or in manufacturing industries are now back to offices because their jobs cannot be done at home. Now when people are back to offices, companies are using tech to provide them safe workplaces.

Compass India has also introduced three different solutions to manage workplace effectively. Workplaces can use these apps to avoid gathering at a place in the office.

The OnSafe app is basically a tracking app that helps in implementing social distancing protocols at the workplace. The app also offers real-time tracking and helps businesses in preventing crowds in the office. Basically, the app is a contact tracing app for the workplace with detailed analytics that is relevant to the workplace.

The cafeteria is another place where people gather especially during lunchtime. To avoid gathering at Cafeteria, the company has launched the Café Pass app. The app makes sure there are no more than a certain amount of people at the cafeteria. The app lets employees choose their preferred time to eat, pre-order meal, and book their café pass.

There’s also a FoodBook app that lets you choose your favorite recipe from the Chef’s table. The app also curates items according to you your taste by using intelligent algorithms and your past orders. You also make cashless payments using the payment methods on the app. The app also lets people share photos and join contests in the same cafe.

These new apps will help businesses in implementing new safety standards and protocols to ensure safety of their employees. Social distancing is really important and these help help in maintaining that.