Guiding you safely back to enjoying food at work.

SafeSphereTM: Reconfiguring workplaces to adapt to the new normal

Compass Group India launched the meticulously designed program – SafeSphereTM to create safer and healthier workplaces. As India prepares to return to the office, SafeSphere will support organisations in reassuring the wellbeing and hygiene of their employees, through an adaptable and customisable program of food, safety and hygiene solutions.

SafeSphere, brings to the fore disruptive models of working, innovation around serving meals across centres including technology enablement and use of the contactless modes of serving, for better immunity protocols.

SafeSphere program enables-imagining Workplace Food Services – what’s next, scalability, quality of food, contactless food delivery mechanisms – amidst a changing consumer behaviours that are making the corporate foodservice players re-strategize.

SafeSphere will address the anxiety amongst employees and the change in consumer preferences to offer solutions in four key areas:

  • Human Health & Hygiene
  • Food Reimagined
  • Digital Touch
  • Healthy Spaces & Places

Lets Feed Together

As COVID-19 began spreading throughout India in March 2020, millions of daily wage workers, were suddenly without food or income, setting the scene for a humanitarian disaster.

It was the sight of these vulnerable people walking the streets that inspired Dev Amritesh, Managing Director of Compass Group India, to come up with a solution that would feed the needy. Our industrial scale kitchens, with high degree of expertise in feeding thousands of people every day, got operational and came into action to provide free meals to all these people to help them through the lockdown, while keeping our people engaged towards this cause.

Compass Group India conceptualised and created the platform, #letsfeedtogether,.The platform got together key stakeholders: our clients, Compass Group India and partner kitchens, and distribution partners (including government authorities, organisations and NGOs).

Across India nine commercial kitchens prepared fresh, wholesome single pot dishes such as AchariDaal Khichdi with Vegetables, Vegetable Sambhar Rice and Tomato Khichdi with Vegetables. In six weeks, 3.4 million meals were served ; essential workers such as hospital staff and police were also provided with lunches and dinners.

We are incredibly proud of the way our people turned a great idea into reality in just a matter of days and made such a meaningful contribution during such  challenging times.

More than 3 million meals were delivered in 45 days to migrant workers returning home from urban cities during the early days of the coronavirus lockdown in India, by linking crowdsourcing, digital technology and large commercial kitchens.